Tales of the Neworld audiobook Episode One
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On the outskirts of an old English village, one of the grandest tributes to the English Renaissance stands. It is here an eight year old boy resides with his busy father.

Having little choice but to entertain himself whilst his father is overseas, the boy gets himself into all sorts of trouble.

But one day, his father brings home someone from the Neworld, and the boy’s life is never the same again…


Here in the Old World, life can have its drawbacks. But never fear. There is another place – a place far removed from anything you may have experienced before.

Home to an anthropomorphic community, the Neworld is a natural haven, although the Meadow Masters have their work cut out for them, what with the constant threat of Old World poison and those Far Land folk hell-bent on wrecking the status quo.

With kidnap, blackmail and countless efforts to undermine all the Meadow Masters do, it will take nothing less than the all powerful Beck Chi to prevent the Far Land folk from destroying the Neworld altogether.

In these Neworld Visualisations you will be guided to a place of peace and tranquillity, under the guidance of the Wise One – known in the Neworld as the OOsamagoose. These visualisations can be empowering, cleansing, affirming, nostalgic, or simply soothing. Neworld Visualisations guarantee you a tranquil transition into a calm and peaceful sleep.

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